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Fine art lessons for students looking to achieve their full creative and artistic potential. I teach students to slow down and observe the world around them, and this is reflected in the art that they create.

On-Demand Lessons

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What sets Hummingbird Arts Studio apart?

Teaching Artist

On-Demand video lessons created and taught by a full-time professional artist with over 20 years of teaching experience.

Content for All

Regardless of age or ability, you can find lessons that will inspire and build your knowledge of creating art.

Creative Growth

Over the years I have helped students achieve their artistic goals. From portfolio prep to simply gaining the confidence to try new art techniques, I believe in fostering creative growth.

Hummingbird Arts Studio has been working with students of all ages since 2006. I have expanded to offer on-demand art lessons, and creative content. I hope to help make your creative visions a reality!

What Will You Learn?

Traditional Techniques

Lessons cover traditional drawing and painting techniques, with an emphasis on skill development.

Fine Art Inspiration

Artists and art techniques will be referenced through out the lessons and serve as inspiration in the creation of new art pieces.

Open Ended Creativity

Students are encouraged to continue working on their pieces after the lessons are complete. The knowledge gained will facilitate the skill needed to realize their creative vision.

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